Wedding Car Hire Lancashire

Wedding Car Hire Lancashire

Choosing your wedding car hire in the Lancashire is one of the jobs that is on the list for early in the planning stages of the big day.  You want to arrange your wedding cars as soon as possible to avoid disappointment and at Farnell’s Executive Hire, we offer a wide range of cars that can make choosing one quite difficult!

Using Limousines for your Wedding

Without doubt, one of the most popular options for wedding car hire in the Lancashire is one of our fleet of limousines.  These sophisticated, modern and spacious vehicles offer the flexibility that a normal saloon or hatchback simply cannot match.  The bride and her father or whoever is giving her away can relax in the back of a vehicle such as a Rolls Royce or a Hummer limo, sip champagne and arrive at the venue calm and ready for the day.

Alternatively, the greater capacity of the cars means the bride can travel with her bridesmaids as well if she wants.  Extra space means extra people and everyone can have a good chat and a laugh while travelling to the church or venue, relieving those pre-wedding nerves.

Other options for Wedding Car Hire in the Lancashire

Sometimes, limousines may not be your thing but that isn’t a problem because Farnell’s Executive Hire have a range of different vehicles to suit all tastes.  We have the traditional styles of car such as the Rolls Royce Ghost or Phantom or the Bentley Mulsanne.  You can even look at hiring a performance super car and go for the self-drive option if you prefer – we have iconic cars such as the Ferrari 458 Italia and the Lamborghini Hurracan Spyder available.

You may need more than just one car for the event and this is where the flexibility of our range can really be useful.  Perhaps you need a car for the bride, one for the groom and a coach or minibus to transport a number of guests from one location to another.  Whatever you need, we can create a personalised package to suit those requirements and offer the best prices possible.

So all you need to do is get in touch, either on the phone or through our website, and provide us with details of the when and where.  We can go through your needs and start creating a personalised package for your big day.