Wedding Car Hire Bolton

Wedding Car Hire Bolton

If you talk to a wedding planner, one of the things they will tell you is that there are certain jobs you should do as early as possible.  Booking a venue is one and organising wedding car hire in Bolton when you live in that area is another.  These are the kind of things that are crucial to the success of the wedding and due to their popularity, can often be booked up.

Perfect wedding car hire in Bolton

Farnell’s Executive Hire recognise that the perfect wedding car hire in Bolton might mean a limousine to one couple or a luxury or prestige car to another.  That’s why we have a wide range of vehicles to suit all tastes.  But the most popular styles, such as the Rolls Royce vehicles and the Hummer Limo, do tend to get booked up quickly, so the earlier the better!

In fact, customers often find that picking just one of these beautiful cars can be a difficult decision.  So to help out with the decision, we can offer advice about the practical side of wedding car hire in Bolton.  For example, if the bride has a long trail on her dress or a wide skirt, then a limousine may be perfect – all that extra space to accommodate the dress.  Alternatively, if space if less of an issue, the luxury cars such as the Mercedes or Jaguar may be perfect.

Helping hand with your wedding planning

We also aim to offer more than just wedding car hire in Bolton due to the extensive network of contacts within the industry that we have.  We can put you in touch with various other wedding vendors including photographers and florists because we regularly work with these people.

Nor are our cars just to be used for travelling to the wedding.  We can offer car hire for a variety of occasions, around the country.  It may be something as simple as travelling to the airport for your honeymoon or even hiring one of our cars to travel somewhere if you are having a ‘stay-cation’ here in the UK.  Whatever the reason you need high quality car hire, Farnell’s Executive Hire is here for you.

So give us a call today with the details of your wedding, the venue and date and we can start creating a personalised package that suits your needs perfectly and allows you to tick off a box on that wedding checklist!