Self Drive Car Hire

Farnells Self Drive Car Hire

When it comes to transport, there are many ways of getting where we need to be, but what about those special occasions. There are plenty of times, whether it’s in our business or personal life, where we just want to make the right impression, or a bold statement. Fortunately, Farnells Executive Hire is able to provide a luxurious range of vehicles, that can complement any kind of event or social gathering.

Choosing Your Self-Drive Car Hire?

When hiring luxurious vehicles, it can be easy to assume that they have to come with a chauffeur. While this is beneficial to some, others just want access to a vehicle, not a conformed route for the night. This is where self-drive car hire has a slew of benefits, as clients are able to select from a wide range of self-drive car hire options, regardless of the style of car you’re looking for.

Benefits of Self-Drive Car Hire

There are so many benefits associated with self-drive car hire, but it’s safe to say that the biggest benefit is that those who employ the self-drive car hire solution on offer from Farnells Executive Hire has complete freedom as to how the vehicle is used. However, the following options showcase just how diverse opting for a self-drive car hire solution can be.

Weddings: Looking to give your wedding that hint of originality, then why not think outside the box and hire some cars that truly reflect your personality.

Parties: We all know how stressful getting ready for parties can be, and trying to be on time with some transport options can only add to this stress. Opting for a self-drive care hire option means that time is on your side, making for a more enjoyable event.

Proms: When our children are attending a prom, it can be an emotional affair, so we often want to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. Fortunately, a self-drive care hire option means that not only can your child turn up in style, but you have the pleasure of driving them to the prom yourself.

Corporate: Whether we’re looking to impress a potential client, or just need a professional vehicle to attend meetings, Farnells Executive Hire can find provide a self-drive hire solution destined to make the desired impact.

What If I Need a Chauffeur?

Of course, there are many benefits in opting for a self-drive car hire option, but some would prefer to relax and be driven to their destination. Fortunately, Farnells Executive Hire is able to provide the same level of luxury vehicle, but with a chauffeur. This gives clients a truly bespoke experience when it comes to their vehicle hire needs.

What Areas Does Farnells Executive Hire Cover?

Due to the ongoing demand for luxurious and reliable self-drive car hire options, Farnells Executive Hire operates across the whole of the United Kingdom, including Birmingham, Manchester, London and Edinburgh.

What Is the Booking Process?

Hiring a vehicle, be it a self-drive or chauffeur driven service couldn’t be easier. Simply fill in your details at and receive a free online quote.

If you’re not able to get online, then why not call Farnells Executive Hire on 0800 9 704 031 to discuss your requirements further. And please note, Farnells Executive Hire will beat any genuine quote, so you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Self-drive car hire services are only available to those over 21 years-of-age. A full insurance document is provided once a vehicle has been decided on and booked.