Rolls Royce Hire

Rolls Royce Hire

Since the dawn of the 1900’s, the Rolls Royce motorcar has been revered and admired by the wealthy and all of its many fans. This is a truly classic car that oozes sophistication and style, which continues to manufacture new and exciting models almost every year. Popular for weddings and corporate events, our Rolls Royce hire service can provide you with the ultimate in luxury travel.

Take a look at the original 1905 Rolls Royce motorcar and you could be forgiven for not immediately recognising the brand. While it’s true that the car has certainly changed a lot over the years, mostly to meet the demands of an evolving society, the quality and precision of the brand has remained the same. Farnells Executive Hire is proud to offer the latest models, limousine-type and classical Rolls Royce cars for your enjoyment.

Impressing your clients is key to a successful and fruitful business relationship, and the Rolls Royce is one of the best ways to travel. Whether you are attending a high-class dinner, taking your new business partners for a few drinks, or showing them the sights of your local area, our Rolls Royce hire service can provide everything you need.

Our highly professional Chauffeurs are hand-picked and put through a rigorous selection procedure to ensure they meet our exemplary levels of customer service and care. We offer free, non-alcoholic refreshments in all of our vehicles, with the option to bring along something stronger, if the occasion merits it.

So which Rolls Royce fits your bill? Take off in one of the 2003-2008 Phantom Models, a range of prestigious cars, handmade in the UK and featured at the 2012 Olympics. We also offer the Rolls Royce Ghost, released in 2010, this beautiful saloon car is available with a 17cm extension if you require the extra legroom.

The Wraith of 2013 is modelled closely on the classic 1938 release, built by the original Rolls Royce company and popular amongst die-hard enthusiastics, this vehicle provides a more traditional look. Our Rolls Royce hire service is also thrilled to offer the 2016 model- Dawn, a sleek, 4-seater convertible with a twin-turbocharged 6.6 litre engine and a dazzling orange interior.

Imagine arriving to the church, dressed up for the occasion, in a Rolls Royce limousine car. You pose for photographs before heading in to make your vows to the one you love. When you exit the building, now as man and wife, we can whisk you away to your wedding party, or even straight off to your honeymoon, giving you the experience of a lifetime.

Whatever Rolls Royce you are looking to hire for your event, Farnells Executive Hire can source it for you, providing a Rolls Royce hire service that is absolutely top class.