Prestige Car Hire

When you travel somewhere and leave your own car behind, you can often find yourself with a less than satisfactory replacement on offer.  You might be used to a prestige car or a vehicle of a certain size or style and some hire care companies simply provide a basic, small vehicle.  Here at Farnells Executive Hire, we provide prestige car hire that allows you to have a high quality vehicle that will allow you to enjoy your trip in complete comfort.

Business Prestige Car Hire

One of the most popular reasons for prestige car hire is for a business person who wants to get around town in the kind of vehicle they prefer.  Why should you be away with your vehicle and be forced to cram into a little saloon when you can travel in complete comfort in a vehicle such as a Bentley Bentayga or a Rolls Royce Dawn?

Our aim at Farnells Executive Hire is to offer a range of cars for prestige car hire that will make it difficult to decide which you like best.  The Rolls Royce Phantom is a prime example – we can offer both a saloon vehicle and a drophead convertible style.  Both are stunning white vehicles with the expected level of comfort inside the car and all the best gadgetry to make getting around an unfamiliar area simple.

Want To Hire A Prestige Car?

There are many other reasons that our customers chose to hire one of our cars.  You may be on holiday but don’t want to fight your way around on public transport.  Or you may want to get to a train station or airport for a trip or holiday and find that the cars on offer don’t give you the luxury and space you require.  These are just a couple of reasons that customers use our prestige car hire and top of the list of vehicles for this reason are the Bentleys.

Bentley are one of the big names in the luxury car business and here at Farnells Executive Hire, we can offer the hire of two of these vehicles.  The Bentley Bentayga represents the brand’s first step into the luxury SUV market and has the balance of features, comfort and style that you would expect from the manufacturer.

The other Bentley we offer is the Bentley Mulsanne – the flagship vehicle of the brand that is one of the best luxury performance saloons currently on the market.  With its fine leather interior, deep pile carpet and powerful engine that makes virtually no noise, this is the kind of car that sums up what prestige car hire is all about. If however you are looking to hire a classic car, then make no mistake and check out our sister company (Avada Car Hire) which offers various classic cars.

Chauffeur Driven Prestige Car

When you use Farnells Executive Hire, you get to enjoy your trip, regardless what the occasion.  You can relax in a high quality, luxury vehicle and allow our trained and qualified chauffeur to take you wherever you need.  We can also offer our services to collect clients visiting your business and bring them to your business premises in complete comfort and in a vehicle that will doubtless help make a great first impression. We offer Prestige Car Hire in Manchester, London, Birmingham and several other cities.

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