Luxury Car Hire

When you have a business of any kind, your customers are the most important element – they are the life blood of your organisation.  You want to build good relationships with them, even impress them a little.  Here at Farnells Executive Hire we can help do that with our range of luxury car hire.  Our chauffeur driven vehicles make that instant impact on an important customer when the car meets them at the airport or train station and brings them to your business premises or meeting location.

Farnells Business Luxury Car Hire

Vehicles such as the Mercedes Benz S Class or the Jaguar XJ are perfect for collecting those important business customers and bringing them to you.  These modern and sophisticated cars offer total comfort for the journey and allow the customer to arrive relaxed and ready for your meeting.  With a smart, uniformed chauffeur behind the wheel, you can ensure a smooth and comfortable journey that will help make that great impression.

Another reason that businesses make use of our luxury car hire services is to attend meetings and conventions.  These can be crucial for networking, meeting customers and generating business so you want to arrive calm and on time.  By arriving in a vehicle such as our Rolls Royce Ghost, you will be ready for the event and probably receiving polite envy from anyone who made their way in alternative ways! You can also browse our sister company (Sigma-Car-Hire) which offers Luxury Car Hire across the whole of the UK including Manchester.

Wedding Luxury Car Hire

There are plenty of additional reasons that our customers enjoy luxury car hire from Farnells Executive Hire.  With our range of luxury cars and limos, we see a great number of wedding parties.  Often the bride will hire a limo such as the Rolls Royce Limo for herself, her father and the bridesmaid while the groom may opt for something a little sportier such as the Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead convertible.

One of the modern classics in our range is the Bentley Mulsanne and this car is popular for occasion hire such as birthday parties or anniversaries.  Nothing starts a party better than arriving in luxury and comfort and a car such as the Bentley offers this to the highest degree.  You can relax in the plush interior and let our chauffeur do the driving.

Benefits Of Luxury Car Hire

Then there are the benefits that you don’t always think about when it comes to luxury car hire.  For starters, think about going on honeymoon – you have a load of bags, often need to stop off at your home before heading to the airport.  You are tired and excited and finding a taxi that can accommodate everything can be tricky.  But because we can offer larger vehicles such as the limos and the Mercedes V Class we can accommodate all of your belongings, make the stops you need and ensure you arrive relaxed and on time.

Even for a normal holiday, the larger capacity of these vehicles can be very useful.  And travelling in a car such as a Bentley or a Rolls Royce is a thrill for the kids that will make a brilliant holiday even more memorable.