Limo Hire Wakefield

Limo Hire Wakefield

Farnells Executive Hires Limo Hire & Wedding Car Hire in Wakefield.

There are lots of ways to get around Wakefield and the surrounding areas but there is nothing quite like travelling in a limo.  Limo hire in Wakefield has become popular for a wide range of reasons, with weddings still top of the list.  But at Farnells Executive Hire, we are seeing a growth in different reasons that people find to use our services.

Celebrating special occasions with Limo Hire in Wakefield

When it comes to a special occasion such as a birthday or an anniversary, it is great to have a party, go to a fancy restaurant or a gathering of friends.  But trying to squash into a taxi or fight your way on public transport can take the edge of things, make for a chaotic beginning to the evening.  This is why Farnells Executive Hire is seeing an increase in numbers of people Hiring a Limo or one of our prestige cars to travel to and from special occasion events.

Graduation balls have been around for a while but proms are a more recent addition to the annual calendar.  These are often celebrated at the end of senior school, though more and more they are an end of year event, celebrating the accomplishments of the school year.  And there is nothing better than arriving at the venue in a Limo, especially a modern one such as the Chrysler Limo or the current favourite, the Hummer Limo.  Image their faces when they see one of these vehicles outside the house to take them to their big event!

More than just Wedding Limo Hire

Another popular use for Limo Hire in Wakefield involves weddings but more than just travelling to the venue.  Increasingly, couples are Hiring Limos to collect them after the wedding and take them to their honeymoon departure location, such as Leeds or Manchester airports, even down to one of the London airports.

Using Limos for these journeys has a number of benefits.  They are luxurious and comfortable, making the ride a relaxing event that sees the couple arrive, ready for their big holiday.  The space of the Limo is also key – no worries about fitting in all of that luggage!  You might be taking sports equipment such as skis or going for an extended break with extra suitcases.  All of this will fit easily into the enhanced capacity of the Limo.

So ring us today for your personalised quote for Limo Hire in Wakefield, no matter what the occasion!

Who’s getting married in the morning? Possibly you, or maybe it’s in a few weeks. Whenever the big day is approaching, you want to celebrate the last moments of your life as a single woman in style. If you’re the Hen Do planner, you’ve come to the right place. Our Wakefield Limo Hire services can assist you every step of the way to give your best friend the ultimate send-off into married life.

Wakefield is pretty popular when it comes to Hen parties, from renting a cottage for holding your celebration with a few friends, to attending a spa-day, getting pampered with your nearest and dearest. Or maybe you would like to go out for a nice meal, and a few drinks at a high-class restaurant. There are many activities in Wakefield to choose from, and our Wakefield Limo Hire can take you wherever you wish to travel.

If you’re gearing up for a big celebration with a lot of friends, our 16-seater Hummer Limo, the legend of our fleet, is the ideal limousine for your needs. Farnells Executive Hire’s Hummer limousines comes in a range of colours; white, blue, black, silver and pink- whichever takes your fancy. For a quieter affair, our 8-10 seater range allows you to travel in the luxurious Rolls Royce Limousine, the exquisite Bentley Limo or for something more powerful, our Ferrari Limo offers a thrill. All Limousines are top-end, come with free drinks and can be decorated inside to fit any celebration for an additional fee.

Wherever you need us to take you, we guarantee that our Chauffeurs provide the highest level of Limo Hire service, safety and satisfaction, after all- our painstaking selection process is not for the faint hearted. We only choose the best members for our team.

Farnells Executive Hire offers high-quality Wakefield Limo Hire for any number of occasions; celebrating a milestone birthday, sending your man and his friends on a Stag Do, going out for Christmas party, and even turning up to Graduation. Every event that is important to you, or requires that special touch is covered; it’s what we excel at. If you’re looking for a memorable journey, or you simply wish to turn up to a celebration in high style, our limousine hire has got what it takes.

Hen Do’s are a great way to celebrate you or your best friend’s happiness and future. We offer the Cheapest Wakefield Limo Hire in the UK and with such a wide range of hiring options available, there’s nothing we can’t do to make your Hen Do go off with a bang.