Limo Hire Leeds

Limo Hire Leeds

Leeds is known as a university city and there are a large number of colleges and further education establishments within the city boundaries.  This means that there are a lot of graduation balls that take place each summer in the city as well as special Christmas events.  For many students, the best way to arrive at one of these events is in a limo and for this reason, Farnells Executive Hire now offer Limo Hire in Leeds.

How Limo Hire works

The great thing about limo hire in Leeds is that we have made it a simple process.  All you need to do is contact us with the date and time of your event as well as the details of where you are travelling to and from.  If you want a return ride, then simply let us know what time to be there for you.  We create tailored packages for every customer that means you only pay for what you need, nothing more.

The other big decision is which of our gorgeous limos would you want arriving to take you to your event?  Top billing at the moment is definitely the Hummer Limo which is pure Hollywood.  With its mood lighting inside and stocky, American looks, it is a hugely popular option.  Or you may want something a little more traditional such as the Rolls Royce or Bentley limos, styles of vehicles that have been by the rich and famous for generations.

Other uses for Limo Hire in Leeds

Of course there are also lots of other reasons that you can use Limo hire in Leeds aside from graduation balls and end of year events.  For example, maybe you are attending a special birthday party and want to travel in style – perhaps it is your birthday or you are the organising person so organising the transport is your choice.

Even travelling to events around the city such as sporting events, music concerts or comedy nights can all be a great excuse for limo hire in Leeds.  Travelling somewhere in a luxurious limo is a great way to start the night and means you arrive relaxed and looking forward to the night, rather than harassed and worn out.

Maybe it is just the two of you, wanting to celebrate a special occasion?  Then why not hire a limo to take you to the restaurant or venue you have chosen for your celebration and get there is style?