Limo Hire Birmingham

Limo Hire Birmingham

If we at Farnells Executive Hire did a quick survey of reasons for using our limo hire Birmingham/West Midlands service, we would definitely find that Wedding Hire is our most popular service.  But there are more reasons to Hire a Limo than just to travel to your wedding day.

Popular reasons for limo hire Birmingham/West Midlands

Probably next on the list of reasons to use Limo Hire Birmingham/West Midlands is for business purposes.  Let’s face it, nothing tells your client you value them more than sending an Audi Q7 Limo to collect them from the airport.  Or having a Rolls Royce Limo waiting at the train station to bring them to your business premises.  The comfort and style of these vehicles allows the customer to sit back, relax and prepare for the meeting.

Likewise, for you and your colleagues to travel to meetings, seminars and conferences, limo hire Birmingham/West Midlands is a great idea.  With the NEC just outside the city and various other venues around the county, there are plenty of times when corporate travel is needed.  Getting the best cheap limo hire allows everyone to travel together, in style and even get some last minute preparation in for the big event.

Convenience of a limo

We look at the limo and think how stylish it is, how amazing it looks on the road or in the background of our wedding photos.  But sometimes we forget just how convenient a limo is – all that space!

Another popular reason for limo hire Birmingham/West Midlands is to travel to the airport.  If you are taking a family holiday, everyone with their luggage to the limit, there’s just no way that all of that fits into a saloon or a hatchback.  Even an estate car would struggle.  So either you hire an awkward mini-bus or you travel in total comfort by hiring a limo.

Whether you are travelling from Birmingham Airport or going further afield, having a limo collect you at the door and take you to your destination is more than just luxury.  There is no concern about having enough space for your luggage, sports equipment or business equipment that you need to take with you.  Instead you can sit back and enjoy the best feature of limo hire – total comfort and style.  You then arrive at the airport calm and ready for your holiday or trip, rather than stress, harassed and rushed.

Why not take away all the stress of your daily lives and treat yourself to a Limo Hire in Birmingham. You do not have to hire a Limo for a special occasion; it could simply be something which you would like to experience.

We offer soft drinks in all of our Limousines. So you can sit back and relax in the Limo and enjoy the ride.

You can choose to either keep the party lights on inside the Limo or you can have them switched off. Our Limos are all fully tinted so nobody can see inside however you can see them.

In Birmingham we have a large selection of Limousines, from 8 seaters to 16 seaters. Our famous Hummer Limousines are all 16 seaters and our Range Rover Limos, Chrysler Limos and Bentley Limos are 8 seaters. If you require more than one Limo in Birmingham then let us know so we can apply a further discount on your second Limo and we can promise you that you will most definitely use our service again.

Farnells Executive Hire offers Limo Hire in Birmingham for Weddings, Proms, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Airport Transfers and many more.

You can book the Limo in Birmingham for as long as you would like as long as it longer than our one hour minimum booking period. You may not require the Limo for that long however rest assured, we will ask our driver to take you for a drive around the City or Town to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

You are more than welcome to take pictures with your family and friends inside the Limo or even outside should you wish to.

All of our chauffeurs in Birmingham have passed DBS checks and are very friendly so worry not.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure that you have a memorable experience.