Birmingham Airport Transfer

Birmingham Airport Transfer

Traveling doesn’t always need to be stressful. After packing and locking up your house, making sure everything is turned off, you start the sometimes formidable journey to the airport. The traffic might not always work in your favour, and if there’s an accident on the road, you might have to rush the rest of the way. Finding a parking space, or navigating the airport parking shuttle service can also offer it’s own nightmare. Farnells Executive Hire Birmingham airport transfer service can make all of this pressure go away in an instant.

Birmingham Airport is an international airport based in one building, but with 2 terminals. This well-sized airport is located close to Birmingham City and is a popular departure point for people travelling all over the world, from Europe and America to the Far East and beyond.

Our airport transfer service provides both drop-off and pick-up packages for any budget. Our fleet can carry any passenger number, from our 8-seater mini-buses to our full-size, 49 seater coaches and even 5-door executive cars or limousines. These pristine and luxurious vehicles collect you and your luggage from any address in the UK and take you directly to your terminal point, without the hassle of public transport, parking or traffic jams to stress you out, we even provide refreshments and help you unload.

If you’re traveling as a family, we recommend the mini-bus for you and your suitcases to fit comfortably as we offer fantastic boot-space in all our vehicles. Our friendly and helpful Chauffeurs will assist you and get you to the airport on time, so all you have to do is admire the view outside and think about what souvenirs you’re going to bring back with you.

For a large tour, our coaches are an excellent choice. Fitting up to 49 people plus luggage, our professional drivers can collect all passengers, making sure your group is fully assembled before you even get to the airport- making check-in a lot easier! Our Birmingham airport transfer services are cheaper than any airport taxi and we provide free quotes on any vehicle you wish to hire.

If you’re hoping to surprise your friends or family when they arrive at Birmingham Airport, or you are coming back from a holiday or business trip and simply don’t want to have to deal with public transport to get to your home, Farnells Executive Hire Birmingham airport pick-up service is second to none.

By booking our airport transfer service with us in advance and providing a flight number, we guarantee that our driver will be waiting for you when you arrive- regardless of delays- with your name clearly displayed on a card, meaning you don’t have to come looking for us. We can collect you from any terminal, for any group size you require. Taking the hassle out of getting to and from Birmingham airport is our specialty.